Debug yourself

Debug yourself

It is difficult for me to go out on the street for a weekend to enjoy himself. I don’t consider myself a party guy. My weekends are for reading (business, entrepreneurship, personal growth, among others) and reviewing habits.

Valuable reading

When I was a child I used to read a lot, but during my teenage years, I lost the habit of reading. When I returned to it at 21 years of age, I found that I simply cannot read books that do not add to my life. One has the freedom to read what one wants and in my opinion, technical books related to the topics that I consider relevant are the best use of my time.

I could never read Harry Potter nor María by Jorge Isaacs. Although these are great books, literature is difficult for me to read for the reason mentioned above. I understand that there is value in enriching the soul and imagination with books in this category, but it’s simply not my reading style though I respect those who like to read it. The Holy Bible is the only exception to this.

Business and entrepreneurship books such as The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ De Marco, Zero To One by Peter Thiel and Driven by Robert Herjavec are publications that I consider my favorites. The value they have given me is practically unlimited. I recommend them as an excellent reference when starting a business.

Habits review

Every 15 days I review my habits and verify if I am complying with them. For me there are 2 types of habits:

What I should stop doing: Those harmful habits that I should stop because in the long term they hurt me. Example: “Avoid eating sweets.“

What I should start doing: Those beneficial habits that in the long run produce a great benefit. Example: “Work out more frequently.“

One should always avoid to create negative habits, it’s always better to write them in positive even if they are things that you should stop doing. For example: It’s better to write “Avoid eating sweets” rather than “Do not eat sweets.” This is because the brain ignores denial, therefore “Do not eat candy” internally becomes “Eat candy” reinforcing the unwanted behavior.

Another tip is that one shouldn’t add a lot of habits if you’re new to mindful habits. Starting with 1 or 2 habits is the best practice and when you have gotten used to it you can add more to your list. This so as not to get overwhelmed at first. Keep it simple!

The app I recommend for habit tracking is Loop, which is free, open source, and provides pretty useful statistics.

I hope these tips are useful to you in your life. Go out to win, champion.

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